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About the Neighborhood:

“When we found The Farm, we instantly knew this was where we wanted to call home. The Farm offers many things you can’t find anywhere else in BV - new construction, affordability, the views, and an unmatched community environment. This was perfect for our growing family. All of this, on top of the incredible care by the Farm team, has made this transition better than we could have ever imagined. We absolutely love it here!” - Zach

“The Farm combines the best of rural living with the old-style neighborhood feeling that we remember growing up in the 1960s and 1970s. We know dozens of our neighbors and enjoy casual social interactions on the walkways and in the common areas.” - Jim

“I love life at the Farm for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is safety. Not only does the home itself provide me with a safe (healthy) place to live, but I feel safe as a member of a close community. I feel as though the residents truly look out for one another and care about each other's well being. Second, the Farm provides me with a sense of belonging. Between being one of many physically active members of the Farm and the number of residents who serve as family to fur babies, I feel as though I am living among people who live similar lives. Finally, I love the vibe of the Farm. It is (nearly) impossible to go for a walk without being greeted by one of the other residents, or without seeing a group of residents outside at the green spaces socializing, or without witnessing (or partaking) in one of the monthly happy hours. Overall, this is just a positive community in which to reside.” - Ally

“First and foremost, we love the neighborhood community that the Farm offers. The greenspace and the direction that each home faces, encourages community gatherings and the establishment of new friendships. There are many communities where neighbors do not know one another but the Farm bucks that trend. Almost nightly, especially during the summer, residents of the Farm are outside sharing in fellowship and building friendships. And let us not forget our 4 legged furry friends who enjoy the greenspaces and the company of many other dogs. We knew the vision of the Farm was built around community, however we never could have imagined that it would be this good. It truly is a place where everyone knows their neighbors!” - Britton

“One of the other factors that played a part in drawing us to the Farm is their commitment to a clean, well manicured pocket community. From large grass community areas, to incredible landscaping, the Farm has made it a high priority to make this a well maintained neighborhood. And for that, we are so thankful to live here.” - Allie

“We have loved being a part of the growing community at the farm! It has been such a blessing to have friendly neighbors, a welcoming environment and a sense of belonging! We love going out to the various green spaces or to the fire pit with our dog to see our neighbors and hang out! Everyone that lives at the Farm is friendly, willing to help when needed, and truly cares about everyone that lives in the neighborhood! It has been such a blessing to build a strong friendship with our neighbors and we love living here with our growing family at The Farm! We couldn’t be more excited to see the community grow!” - Amber

About the Models:

“We couldn’t be happier with our choice of the Franklin. The upstairs living room is perfect for our home office and play area for our little one. You also cannot beat the upstairs balcony. We love enjoying our morning coffee out there while looking at the mountains!” - Zach

About the Team:

“The Farm team has gone above and beyond to make us feel right at home since moving in. We have a beautiful piano that we were having trouble getting upstairs on our move-in day, and all the guys dropped what they were doing and got it upstairs in under 5 minutes. We were blown away and couldn’t have been more grateful.” - Zach